Fire cabinet

With Install complete suppression of fires

ICFF "Blizzard-2" (SHPK -320 with
ICFF "Blizzard -2")

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      Designed to accommodate a set of fire and technical equipment to provide fire at industrial sites, surface and underground parking garages, tunnels, residential and public buildings. Cabinet attached to the wall (hanging) or niches (built-in) made of any building material


Closet with a set of equipment



Look of the cabinet

The main technical characteristics
ICFF "Blizzard -2" perekryvnym device supplied equipment SHPK:

Parameter name

Parameter value

Water consumption at an operating pressure of 0.8 MPa, l / s


Consumption of water foam solution at an operating pressure of 0.8 MPa, l / s


Foam flow, l / s


Range jet (farthest drops) at р =0,8 MPa, m





Frequency rate of foam


Overall dimensions







Mass [kg]



Composition SHPK-320 ICFF "Blizzard -2"

    -cabinet for equipment type SHPK-320 with dimensions mm 1200x700x350
   -foam mixer
   -tank foam 10 ... 20 l (1 pc)
   - ICFF "Blizzard-2"(2 pc)
   - water and foam communication devices to connect systems "Blizzard -2"

Unique Features

      A distinctive feature of the cabinet with fire ICFF " Blizzard- -2" is used in its composition of new technologies, such as: ICFF "Blizzard-2", by which the receipt and handling of combined water spray or foam of low and medium expansion for increased distance a high rate of penetration of the foam in a confined space, and spreading over the surface of the combustible liquid and solid combustibles.


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