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ICFF "Blizzard" with remote control

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        ICFF "Blizzard" with remote control is designed for the rapid detection and extinguishing of a major explosion hazards and objects using a highly toxic chemical and bacteriological agents, warehouses and bases of ammunition and explosives to the heliport of ships, offshore oil platforms, high-rise buildings, cable tunnels, in confined spaces and difficult for people or objects with the technological regime with no passengers.

ICFF "Blizzard-30" (fixed) for installation
on fire monitors rigs and pipelines

Unique Features

  • ICFF "Blizzard" remote-controlled fire monitors can be mounted on towers, sea and river vessels, vehicles, in automatic fire extinguishing facilities instead of regular fire monitors.
  • ICFF "Blizzard" in rapid fire suppression through the use of long-range jets of foam combined low and medium expansion.
  • Remote control of electromechanical.

  • Supply voltage of 12V, 24V, 220V, 380V. 

  • Control: Remote control, joystick, radio control.

Technical characteristics

Performance, [l / s]


Range of feed medium expansion foam jet [m]


Inlet pressure [MPa]


Power consumption, A


Maximum speed of rotation, deg / sec



in the horizontal plane, degrees


in a vertical plane, degrees

-90 +90

The supply voltage,B


Operating temperature

-25 +70

ICFF "Blizzard-60" (fixed) with electric drives explosion-proof. Production of "Device" in Kursk

ICFF"Blizzard-7" in the automatic fire
extinguishing system helipad
ICFF "Blizzard -30"in the airfield fire engine


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Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45 e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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