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Water and foam fire monitors
with ICFF "Blizzard-300"

- Appointment -

    Designed to create a combined jet air-mechanical foam of low and medium expansion, and water spray, and feeding them into the fire. Installation can be used to extinguish large-scale fires of flammable liquids and solid fuels, as well as to create a light-to-heat-shielding at the catastrophe, natural disasters. It can be used both as a fixed extinguishing of a major fire, and in the specially equipped vehicles, including-boats.

Tactical and technical characteristics
of  ICFF “Blizzard – 300”

apacity at medium expansion foam

9000 l/sec

Capacity on the water

300 l/sec

Foam flow

 9-18 l/sec

Range of feed stream on the water

160 m

Range of feed streams for medium expansion foam

100 m

Multiplicity of foam

30+ 5 m

Podma corner / lower

+75/-20 degrees

The angle of rotation

to 21 degrees

The control system of fire monitors

Manual and remote

Supply voltage


The transition from the water to the foam

by changing the nozzle

Dimensions (L * W * H)


Тактико- технические характеристики АПМКТ


20 foot container type 1CC

Power Diesel

680 l/sec (500 kW)



Height of lift

1-7 m

Capacity of the pump station

333 l/sec(1200m³/h)

Operating temperature

 -40…+50 С

Protected area

to 15 000 m²

Dimensions (L * W * H)

 6258 * 2438 * 4091 mm

Total mass

 8000 kg


  1. Лафетный ствол комбинированного тушения     пожаров-УКТП "Пурга-300".
  2. Электрогенераторная установка - 380В, 50Гц, 3,4кВт.
  3. Емкость для пенообразователя - 1-5м3.
  4. Система пеносмешения - водоструйный эжектор

Unique Features:

  • The ability to use all kinds of domestic and foreign foam with a concentration of 1 to 6%;

  • Increased range of medium expansion foam supply;

  • Increased speed of the spreading foam on the burning surface;

  • Increased mobility and the mechanization of the process of delivery of foam in the combustion zone.

ICFF "Blizzard" Most Effectiveness in liquidation:

  • Fires in the fuel companies, chemical and petrochemical industries;
  • Fires in the areas of oil and gas;
  • Fires in enterprises timber, woodworking and pulp and paper industries, forests and agricultural lands;
  • Large-scale post-accident fires aircraft on the ground and accidents on the railway, sea and river transport;
  • A fire at an ammunition depot and highly toxic substances.


196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45 e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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