Water and foam fire monitors
with ICFF "Blizzard-150"

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        Designed to create a combined jet air-mechanical foam of low and medium expansion, and water spray, and feeding them into a hotbed pozhara.Ustanovka can be used to extinguish a large-scale fires of flammable liquids and solid fuels, as well as to create a light-to-heat and protective screens rayonahkatastrof natural disasters. It can be used both as a fixed extinguishing of a major fire, and in the specially equipped vehicles, including pools of funds.


Features include:

   - The ability to use all kinds of domestic and foreign penaobrazovateley with a concentration of 1 to 6%;

- Increased range of medium expansion foam supply;

- Increased speed of the spreading foam on the burning surface;

- Increased mobility and the mechanization of the process of delivery of foam in the combustion zone.

1. ICFF "Blizzard -150" in action










ICFF "Blizzard" most effective in the process of liquidation:

   - A fire at the plant fuel, chemical and petrochemical industries;
   - Fires in the areas of oil and gas;
    - Fires in enterprises timber, woodworking and pulp and paper industries, forests and agricultural lands;
   - Large-scale post-accident fires aircraft on the ground and accidents on the railway, sea and river transport;
   - Fires in warehouses boepripasovi highly toxic substances.



Technical characteristics:

Performance on the foam

150 л/с

Performance on the water

150 l/sec

Foam flow

4,5/9 l/sec

Range of feed stream on the water

100 m

Range of feed stream to the foam

90 m

Multiplicity of foam


Angle up / down

+60/-10 degree

The angle of rotation

to 120 degree

The control system of fire monitors

manual and remote

Supply voltage

24 W

Total mass

110 kg

Overall dimensions


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