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Installation of Combined Fire-fighting "Blizzard-250" mobile on a trailer
(ICFF "Blizzard 250")

- Appointment -

ICFF "Blizzard-250" mobile on a trailer is intended for receiving of  air and mechanical medium expansion foam with increased range of supply. The installation is used for fire-fighting of flammable and combustible liquids and solid fuels, as well as for creations of light and heat shields in the areas of accidents, catastrophes, natural disasters, for degassing and deactivation, for masking of civil and military objects.

Unique Features:

  • The ability to use all kinds of domestic and foreign foam with a concentration of 1 to 6%;

  • Increased range of medium expansion foam supply;

  • Increased speed of the spreading foam on the burning surface;

  • Increased mobility and the mechanization of the process of delivery of foam in the combustion zone.

Tactical and technical characteristics:

Capacity by foaming agent, (l/min)


Capacity by foam


Pumping distance of water jets by the farthest drops, (m)

120 м + 10

Pumping distance of medium expansion foam, (m)

110 : 120

Input pressure [MPa (kg/sm ²)]

1,0 - 1,2
(10 - 12 )

Total weight,[kg]


Overall dimensions, mm







ICFF "Blizzard" Most Effectiveness in liquidation:

  • Fires in the fuel companies, chemical and petrochemical industries;
  • Fires in the areas of oil and gas;
  • Fires in enterprises timber, woodworking and pulp and paper industries, forests and agricultural lands;
  • Large-scale post-accident fires aircraft on the ground and accidents on the railway, sea and river transport;
  • A fire at an ammunition depot and highly toxic substances.


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