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Installation of combined firefighting ICFF "Purga" work in fresh and sea water
  and manufactured to specifications:

  - TU 4854-006-52142821-06 - for fresh water;

  - TU 4854-007-52142821-06 - for sea water

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   Stand Alone Fire Module container type (APMKT) with ICFF "Blizzard."


                      • stationary
                      • mobile

Technical characteristics >>> 





Robotized EXTINGUISHING "Blizzard"


Technical characteristics >>>


Attachment to an automatic foam gondolla




Technical characteristics>>>



ICFF "Blizzard" with remote management




Technical charateristics>>>






Rantseva device extinguishing ICFF "Blizzard" (RDE with ICFF "Blizzard")




Technical characteristics>>>

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