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The use of fire-fighting installations combined ICFF "Blizzard"


ICFF "Blizzard" in extinguishing forest fires



ICFF "Blizzard" at liquidation postaccident AIRCRAFT FIRES

ICFF "Blizzard" for military equipment    

ICFF "Blizzard" in areas with high explosive, RADIATION AND toxicological hazard

The practice of setting combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard"


Fire at the JSC "AvtoVAZ"

    In July 2002, in Togliatti in one of the underground facilities size 400x50x60m Case 15/3, the shop "chassis - 8" JSC "AvtoVAZ" occurred a strong fire. Employees of the local GPS for hours could not cope with the fire means at their disposal. The situation is already out of control, when it was decided to apply the installation of "blizzard." Fire was extinguished within minutes.
       A few days later, in a meeting with the head of the garrison of Togliatti was radically revised policy foam fire, especially regarding the use of plants such ICFF "Blizzard." Will be equipped with ladders that automotive AL - 30, ATS-59 stationary applications ICFF "Blizzard - 60" in the amount of 3 pieces, and the crank lifts ICFF "Blizzard-30" in its mobile versions of 8 pieces.


Fire and technical exercises in Nefteyugansk.

     March 2001. Russian systems foam fire today surpass many Western counterparts as its quality characteristics and the price level. A striking confirmation of these words can serve comparative tests that were conducted in 2001 in Oil Yuganskaya within the scientific and practical conference on the problems of fire protection of oil and gas complex.
     Russian plant "Blizzard-30" was originally set at a disadvantage because its performance is twice as slower than the French installation «Bipot». But, despite this, she put out in twenty seconds, not only their demo area (250 sq. m.), But also provided significant support to his opponent, put out his site burning oil.

A fire at an oil barge "Gaga."

   October 2, 2002 in St. Petersburg, there was a fire on an oil barge "Gaga" in Northern Shipyard. The fire started by the explosion. The cause of the explosion was the use of gas-electric welding during repairs. There are victims (2 people died) and injured (5 people received burns of varying degrees of severity). In firefighting attended St. Petersburg fire department. GPS with barrels - 600, SVP and fire monitors on cooling.
     Within 4 hours of data means to cope with the fire failed. These funds effect in extinguishing the fire was not given. Only after the application ICFF "Blizzard-10.20.30". The fire was contained, but after a while completely eradicated. Prevented an environmental disaster.

A fire at a transformer substation in St. Petersburg.

     November 22, 2002 around 17:00 there was a fire power substation, located on the 13th Line of Vasilievsky Island. Almost immediately, the fire was given the fifth highest number of complexity. Burned 4 transformers. The worst thing in the event of a fire at such facilities - even the non-burning cables, and 10 tonnes of transformer oil, which can explode. The fire could be an explosion inside the substation. The intensity of the fire increased because of the high pressure formed inside the transformer. Burning oil expires burnouts and density in units, forming a gushing source of combustion.
    Fighting the fire were about 30 fire brigades. Foam attack using GPS - 600 did not produce results. The fire continued and spread to the neighboring residential buildings with wooden beams. Only after the application ICFF "Blizzard-10" and ICFF "Blizzard-5" fire at the substation was located, and at 19:30, Moscow time, managed to completely eliminate.

     15.10.2002 , the forces and means of PASO - 3 brought to extinguish a fire on a farm in the village Ozerschina Rechinsky district. After the water from the installation "Blizzard-10.20.30", after 30 seconds, there was a sharp drop in temperature near the fire and reduce the intensity of burning in the fireplace, which made it possible to conduct suppression hand fire inside the building and manual fire ladders.. 

      12.05.2002, the forces and means of PASO - 3 brought to extinguish an apartment building in Rechitsa. On arrival at the call ATS-5/40 installing "Blizzard - 30." The roof of the house was on fire and the strong wind on the verge of standing next to their homes. To reduce the intensity of the fire, it was decided to apply for fire fighting ICFF "Blizzard-30" using a blowing agent. For 20 seconds after, the entire roof was covered with a layer of foam.Сombustion rate was reduced to a minimum, and prevented fire adjacent buildings. Fire fighting water installations "Blizzard-30" showed their greater efficiency, particularly in the first phase of the fire before the fire containment time, as they allow for 30-40 seconds from the time the trunks into action quickly to lower the temperature in the hearth fire, which gives fireman opportunity to come close to the building. And efficiently further quenching barrels less power. Practice has shown that use plants "Blizzard-30" should be to extinguish flames on the roofs of buildings and exterior walls. When extinguishing fires as a foaming agent and without it should be only with the direction of the wind, as the quenching efficiency decreases. Hand fire "Blizzard-5" and "Blizzard-7" are as effective in extinguishing buildings without foam as easily hold a fireman, allowing fire and maneuver to apply finely pulverized jet long distances indoors.  

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