Fire extinguisher of hard foam fire fighting-30-Fast-hardening Foam (FHFF-30-FHF)

FHFF-30-FHF is intended

  • for extinguishing fires Class A (solid combustible materials), as well as for extinguishing and isolation of forest ground fires by creating fire-resistant barrier strips;
  • for protection of building metal structures (racks, beams) during a fire from the effects of a flame;
  • for thermal protection (shielding) during emergency spillage of metals melts, for example copper;
  • to protect the atmosphere of the environment in case of emergency outflow of hazardous chemical vapors by creating a protective foam layer on their surface.

The main parts of FHFF-30-FHF are a cylinder with a fire-extinguishing agent, a tank (knapsack) with a hardener, a low expansion foam generator with an ejector. FAF-30-FHF is supplied as a complete assembly unit and doesn’t require additional installation of single components..
The extinguishing agent is Specialized Two-Component Composition for Firefighting.
Technical characteristics
№ п/п
Characteristics name
Volume of charge of cylinder with a fire-extinguishing agent, l 30
Initial pressure, MPa 0,8±0,1
Fire-extinguishing agent consumption at operating pressure, l/sec 1
Duration of fire extinguishing agent supply, sec, not less 30
Range of the jet (at the last drop) at operating pressure, m 7
Foam expansion, not less 5
Operating and storage temperature range, °С От +5 до +50
Date of next recharge, year, no more 3
Lifetime, year 5
Weight, kg 75
Overall dimensions, mm 1150x600x500

– put the fire extinguisher on alert: pull the foam generator out of the cylindrical holder, pull out the knapsack with the hardener, open one of the two small covers on the top of the knapsack and put it on the shoulder, straighten the hose of fire-extinguishing agent supply, check the connection of the hardener supply hose with the ejection device;

– open a lock (gun) by pressing the trigger (the trigger must be pressed until the end of the foam supply);

– after stabilization of a foamy jet (after about 1 second) open the supply tap of the hardener;
– to terminate the supply of foam – first close the supply tap of the hardener and then release the trigger of the gun;
– close the supply tap of fire-extinguishing agent and the lock-start gear;
– release the pressure in the fire-extinguishing agent supply hose by pressing the trigger until the termination of solution supply from the hose (2-3 seconds).


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