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(Helicopter bucket with ICFF “Blizzard”)

 - Appointment -

    Helicopter Bucket is intended for using on the external load of helicopter as means of fire-fighting at hard-to-reach places and extreme conditions (forest fires, spills of flammable liquids, sorting rail terminals, etc.).      

Drawing of water from surface water body
at a hover mode
A volley of water discharge

Capabilities and distinctive features

  1. Аpplication of new technology in Helicopter bucket with ICFF “Blizzard” feed pen different dispersion and multiplicity having enhanced range and speed on the burning surface rastikaniya;
  2. The use of foam in Helicopter bucket with ICFF “Blizzard” allows:
  • to put out fires, not only solid fuels, and flammable liquids and combustible.
  • to create reliable barrage bands in the woods with resistant foam from a few hours to a day.
  • carry not only huge emissions of extinguishing agent, but also to extinguish the area up to 1000 m in the "hover". 

Creation of control line by foam jets

Fire-fighting on the area up to 1000 m2 at a hover mode

Opportunities Helicopter bucket with ICFF “Blizzard”:    

     -diversion of water from open water
     -volley-water collection
     -feed-water spray, as well as the foam of low and medium expansion (in the "hover" and in flight)

Technical characteristics

Engine power (at 6000 r / min)

2*45 kW power

Performance of motor-pumps.

2*1800 L / min

The volume of water being taken on board

2/3.5 m

Charging volume penaobrazovatelya

0,45 m3

Long streaks of foam created barrage vyotoy 0.1 m and a width 6/8m

up to 1000m with one span

Area extinguishing foam with a drain

up to 1000m2

The flight speed of when draining water

up to 120km / h

Flight speed with empty tanks

up to 180 km/h

Flight speed with filled tanks

up to 160km/h

While filling tanks from open water

10/15 sec

Average water consumption in volley sink

400 l/s

Average water consumption (water and foam solution) with the on-board UKTP "Blizzard -30"


Multiplicity of foam


Length of tape slings


Length of suspension of helicopter


Time for a working condition Gang of 4 people

no more than 30 minutes

Weight fully loaded

5000 kg

Dimensions (L * W * H)


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