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«Zver» - mobile complex 

for fire-explosion prevention, chemical protection and disguise


    Mobile complex for fire-explosion prevention, chemical protection and disguise (FPCD) is intended for rescue, chemical protection and disguise, as well as for fire-explosion prevention in the areas of radiation, chemical and fire hazards, including enterprises of nuclear, chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industry, objects of the defense complex and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
     FPCD «Zver» can be used for supplying (pumping) large amounts of water in areas of natural disasters and catastrophes, as well as for extinguishing lingering fires and carrying out rescue operations.

The composition of the mobile complex FPCD «Zver»

    Mobile complex FPCD «Zver» is based on the container type block-modules fixed to vehicles by specialized locks.
      The complex consists of a multi-unit container, inside which are placed:

  • Diesel pump station with capacity of 40 l/sec to 200 l/sec at 10-12 bar (1-1,2MPa) with a minimum suction height from 1 to 7 m, with a time of filling the pump with water no more than 30 sec, the pump drive (motor) - autonomous, fuel - diesel.
  • Water tank or a special solution (a specialized two-component composition for fire-fighting – FHF (component A)
  • Container for hardener (component B)
  • Container for foaming agent (a synthetic hydrocarbon blowing agent such as PO-6CT produced in Russia)
  • Pipework, valves and faucets system
  • System of mixing the components inside (foaming)
  • Electrical heating system (in the case of container storage at low outdoor temperatures)
  • Storage compartment fire hoses and fire-technical equipment
  • Stationary fire turntable monitor type ICFF «Blizzard» (capacity of 40 l/sec to 150 l/sec, pumping distance of regular and fast hardening foam up to 100m)
  • Knapsack Fire-fighting Device ICFF «Blizzard-2 TP» for delivery of foam, including a fast hardening (capacity – 1-3 l/sec, pumping distance - 15-18 m).
  • ICFF «Blizzard-40 TP» mobile is intended for delivery of foam, including a fast hardening (capacity – up to 40 l/sec, pumping distance – up to 50 m).
  • Compartments for optimal placement of rescue equipment and tools with:
- sliding, rotating and removable elements (shelves, racks)
- locking elements,
- curtain doors protecting against dust and moisture with locks and the drum winding system of fire hoses,
- unsoldered doors with locking at the end of each module,
- reliable mounting system for all types of equipment and tools
- local lighting for compartments with automatic switch when you open the door
  • Fire-technical equipment, including fire hoses (formed in agreement with the customer)
Distinctive features of mobile complex FPCD «Zver»

The main advantage of the mobile complex over the known analogues is its versatility and ability to ensure explosion and fire prevention on various objects in its purpose.
The presence of a system for obtaining fast-hardening foam based on structured silica particles in the complex allows to use it not only for the protection of objects from the fire, but also to reduce the impact of light radiation, radioactive contamination and ionizing radiation, as well as to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals evaporation (ammonia, hexane, hydrochloric acid, dichloroethane, benzene, chloroform, etc.).
Application of Fast-hardening Foam allows creating special fireproof protective strip on the tracks of flame propagation due to the ability to fast-hardening foam to withstand temperatures of over 1000 degrees without being destroyed for a long time. Fast-hardening Foam has high adhesion, including smooth metal surfaces. That ensure the protection of metallic constructions from the effects of light and heat radiation of flame.

    Application of Fast-hardening Foam doesn’t exclude the possibility of supplying water and air-mechanical low and medium expansion foam.

Transportation of complex FPCD «Zver»

    Mobile complex FPCD is delivered to the place of emergency for rescue operations using cars- container ships on the chassis Ural, Kamaz and other special wheeled vehicles equipped with Multilift system.


Also It can be delivered by trailers-container ships or specially reequipped caterpillar floating conveyor type PTS-2, PTS-4. Using a floating transporter chassis, extinguishing resources can be used directly afloat with water intake from the reservoir to the pump unit.

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