Improvement of methods and means of fire suppression and elimination of accidents and disasters in the Russian Federation.

     November 12, 2010 in Moscow (Khimki) held an interagency meeting with the participation of the Government of the Russian Federation, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Russian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, SC "Rosatom" and other interested federal executive authorities on the introduction of modern technologies for prevention and fire fighting, emergency response.

     The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
     Through inter-agency meeting was a demonstration of the latest design techniques and fire safety equipment.
     The exhibition presented the basic and special fire trucks, multipurpose robotic systems and tools to support them, the helicopters Ka-32A and Mi-8MT and others equipped spillway ustroytsvami, devices horizontal extinguishing agent, medical units, thermal imaging scanners, radiation and chemical devices reconnaissance, etc.
     Demonstrated special vehicles for the delivery of the fire and into the emergency special machinery, equipment and personnel, as well as the evacuation of the affected population from the fires and emergencies.
     Much attention at the meeting was to introduce highly maneuverable vehicles for fire fighting and rescue operations, as in the metropolis, and in remote and difficult areas, including in the Far North (motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, swamp buggies, snowmobiles and etc.).
     Special interest was shown "NPO" Sopot "the latest technology and fire-fighting equipment, including installation" blizzard ", a mobile fire unit with UKTP" Purga-1 "and a quad bike.
     Was also presented with a helicopter spillway UKTP "blizzard", providing almost all types of extinguishing the fire from the air.
     Noted that these technical tools have increased efficiency in extinguishing fires in large-scale growing facilities and oil and gas processing plant, transport, forests and agricultural land, offshore, offshore oil and gas platforms and other objects of the sea-and land-based.
     The meeting noted the need for increased research and development and scientific research in the field of contemporary models of fire fighting equipment and fire and technical equipment.

     Identified priority areas for the development of communication systems and automate emergency department, robotic complex, in the establishment of the basis of specialized fire departments to extinguish the strong points of massive, complex, including landscape fires.
Were discussed and set targets for the introduction of modern aviation technology firefighting and rescue operations.
The main criterion for re Russian Emergency Situations Ministry units with modern machinery and equipment, according to V. Putin is to support the financial resources Letter of the manufacturer.

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