23.07.2010 JSC NPO "Sopot" took part in the international forest summit "Interles-Lisino", which presented a standalone module and fire firefighter satchel with UKTP "Blizzard."
     Standalone Fire module is formed on the basis of biaxial trailer load capacity of 1200 kg, it is composed of: water tank 700 liters., Capacity for 120 liters of foam., Motor unit capacity of 30 L / Sec. and the pressure of not less than 8 bar, the combined master stream nozzle with settings "Blizzard - 2" 2 pc. providing medium expansion foam off the barrel for low expansion foam supply. This master stream nozzle provides increased jet medium expansion foam to a distance of 15-18 m and the combined supply of foam to a distance of 25 m monitor can apply water spray. Through the use of new technologies for production and supply and low expansion foam medium expansion provides high speed fire, and dual high-speed jets penetrate fire-extinguishing agent into the surface layer of foam cover. The trailer can be transported by any vehicle, up to quad.
     General view of the device is shown in the figure (see photo 2 and 7).
Knapsack device extinguishing UKTP "Blizzard" (RUP with UKTP "Blizzard") is designed to supply feed to the site of active fire and forest fire fighting spray water, aqueous solutions or mechanical foam.
     With this device, you can also ensure that a barrage or a support band to start a counter-fire, using solutions of chemicals or mechanical foam. In addition, the device can be used for chemical protection of plants from pests, diseases and weeds using drugs, pesticides in the form of solutions and emulsions.
     RUE with UKTP "Blizzard" consists of storage tanks or chemical foaming agent, which is a flexible container, enclosed in a backpack equipped with seat belts, with which it can be worn on the back of the worker.
     With a flexible hose connected to the tank nozzle device UKTP "Blizzard-2" (as the container can be used container backpack extinguishers OP-1).
     UKTP "Blizzard-2" has perekryvnoe device and a handle for ease of installation of fire fighting.
Device with a fire hose connected to a pump fire engine (you can use any technique vodopodayuschey with pressure 6.8 kg/cm2).
     A distinctive feature of this device is that it is the presence UKTP "Blizzard-2", by which supply water spray, water solutions or mechanical medium expansion foam with a flow rate of at least 2 l / s at a distance of 12-15 m

Photo 1. Discussion of the results of tests show (left to right: Minister of Forestry Magdeev Gambarovich Nail, president of (Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchange) Yatsuba Victor, chairman of the Leningrad Region on Environmental Stepchenko Alexander, General Director of NPO "Sopot" Kuprin Gennady, Deputy Head federal forestry Agency Chikalyuk Yanukovych.

     Photo 2. Self-contained unit with fire UKTP "Blizzard" (TMA with UKTP "Blizzard").

Photo 3. Processing foam edge of a forest fire on the TMA with UKTP "Blizzard".

Photo 4.APM with UKTP "Blizzard" in action. Ensuring a barrage
band in the process of moving along the edge of the forest.

Video 1. APM with UKTP "Blizzard" in action.

Photo 5. Demonstrative test backpack device UKTP "Blizzard".


Video 2. Demonstrative test backpack device UKTP "Blizzard".

Photo 6. Self-contained unit with fire UKTP "Blizzard" (TMA with UKTP "Blizzard").

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