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                    Dear ladies and gentlemen!

    Limited Liability Company Research and Production Association «Modern Fire-fighting Technologies» considers it an honor to introduce fire extinction. 

    Present technology in comparison with existent (home and foreign) technology permits to secure at the earliest possible date the reliable fight a post-wreck fires on a large scale of the aircraft facilities in the airports) flies of flammable fluid in reservoirs and spillage on a large areas, in tanks and on a board of sea and liver transport in hangars) machine and boiler room;) and on the flight decks of the aircraft carrier ships, fires at the ammunition storages and high toxic chemical agents, saw materials, etc.
    The new principle of generation and joint transportation of the fire extinguishing foams various dispersity and expansion is assumed as basis of engineering development. The method permits to enlarge a carry of the medium expansion foam jets eight-ten fold, to increase the speed of speeding over surface with flammable fluid, and thus to increase the speed of a fire suppression up to 15-20 sq. m/sec; The extinguishments are proceeded by use to common, ecological clean foaming agents, The coast of their production in several tunes lower than the cost of well-known analogue -fluorinated foaming agent AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) «Light Water» produced by the firm 3M USA. Created for the purpose of realisation present technology Combined Fire Extinguishing Installations «Blizzard» provide the extmguishments spillaged flammable fuel over the area of 1000 sq. m in 1-2 minutes. The use of these installations on the existing fire equipment permits to raise its efficiency not in less than five-tenfold. Present results were received for the first time and have no analogues. They were corroborated by the full-scale tests and practice of these installations' use for the; fire fighting's at the especially file explosive objects belonging to various ministries and departments of the Russian Federation. Our firm is ready for collaboration in the field of introduction mentioned progressive technology into a practice of a fire - fighting.









General Director 
Kuprin G.N.

196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Phone/Fax : +7(812)464-61-41, 464-61-45 e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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