8th International Specialized Exhibition "Fire Safety of the XXI Century"


           In the period from 8 to 11 September 2009 the Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow were held 8th International Specialized Exhibition "Fire Safety of XXI century" and the 7th International Exhibition "Security and Fire Automatics" (Integrated Security).
At the opening of exhibition participants and visitors to the Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, heads of federal agencies and officials of various ministries and departments, the General Director of OAO "GAO VVC" and other shows are held in accordance with the Decision of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Security 2 September 2008 № 33/7, with the support of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and a number of ministries and agencies interested in strengthening the safety of Russia. The exhibition "Fire Safety of XXI century" confirmed the high status of the biggest specialized exhibition in Russia and other CIS countries, having the mark of high quality exhibition event of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.
          The expositions of the 8th International specialized exhibition "Fire Safety of XXI century", the 7th International Specialized Exhibition "Security and Fire Automatics" (Integrated Security) presented the latest achievements in the areas of prevention and fire fighting, health facilities, and in promote fire safety among the public, the protection of citizens' property and objects of different forms of property from criminal attacks. Their products 235 Russian firms, organizations and companies and 23 foreign companies from Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, China and Britain among them leaders of the domestic industry and the fire of security equipment, "AVIALESOOKHRANA" UHF, "ASSOCIATION KRILAK" NGOs, "shore" software , VARGASHINSKY PWAS PLANT JSC, "Engineering center of fire robots" EFER "JSC," Intercity "PCF" POWER PLUS "," beanpole "LLC," Lovin - fire "NPF," protection "SIC MIA RUSSIA" Pozhtechnika "OAO "SPACE" NGOs "PTS" OAO "System Sensor Fair Detectors" COMPANY, "NGOs SOPOT" JSC, "Federal Center of Dual Technologies" Soyuz "FSUE" TOLYATINSKY FACTORY FIRE EQUIPMENT VDPO "JSC," AEGIS PTV "ZAO" UNITEST. " At exhibitions were shown in action tools, systems and products for fire and fire prevention, fire fighting action to rescue people from the smoky building high volume, held demonstrations made for fire safety of large cities - days in Moscow, St. - Petersburg and Moscow region. Demonstration program of exhibitions included the following:

       • Experimental demonstration of fire-tactical exercises "conditional fire extinguishing and emergency rescue works at a large area" (EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow) (first place);

       •Demonstration of promising technologies of water mist fire suppression (Ministry of Science, Moscow region, NGO "SPACE");

     • Demonstration of the latest "Automatic fire helipad", located on the roof of a high-rise building (NGO "Sopot", St. Petersburg.)

       •Demonstration of the latest "Automatic fire helipad", located on the roof of a high-rise building (NGO "Sopot", St. Petersburg.)

       • Demonstration of new technologies Fire (RUPP "KNIGHT);

      • Demonstration of personal flotation devices, "Berg" (LLC "Fire Center");

      •Demonstration Devices cable-fire trigger automatic Bars Ltd ("SAMOSPAS);

      • Demonstration of rescue equipment by rope-RT ("Spassnaryazhenie");

      • Nomination firefighters lifts, ladders and cranes;

     • Demonstration of fire fighter.

          The exhibitions held scientific conferences and seminars on topical issues of improvement of integrated security and fire protection facilities, and corporate meetings of experts on fire safety and protection of the objects the Russian Interior Ministry, the Defense Ministry of Russia, Russian Ministry of Transport, Forestry Agency, the International Association of "Metro". Following a competition: "The best solution in the field of fire safety", "best technical solution in the field of security and fire automatics", "Sales Leader", "The best materials and visual aids for training public fire safety measures and prevention propaganda" were awarded medal "Winner of Do," "For achievements in the scientific - technical creativity" (10 participants) with the medals and diplomas - 64 exhibitors. Russian Academy of Engineering awarded the title of "Distinguished Engineer of the Russian Federation," the general director of the plant Vargashinskogo PWAS Kazakov VN
         Materials business program (abstracts and presentations, materials contests) published in special collections exhibits. More information about the exhibition is presented on the websites:,,


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