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Chronology of events 2002

January - February

  • Reception of a gold medal ' the QUALITY ASSURANCE And the SECURITY ' for installation of the combined suppression of fires ICFF "Blizzard" in a nomination the NATIONAL SECURITY–2002.


February – Martas

  • Have was tested by installations ICFF "Blizzard 120" on fine-engine vehicle АВ-40 and ICFF "Blizzard 90 " on car GAZ-3302. ICFF "Blizzard 90 " has shown following results: range of supply of foam of average frequency rate has made more than 80 meters. Installation has been located on distance more than 35 meters from the tank and has provided supply of foam inside of the tank and for its limits. The height of supply of a jet has made more than 30 meters.

  • As tests ICFF "Blizzard-7 " Installation have been lead has provided supply of foam of average frequency rate on distance of 35 meters.


  • Have was tested ICFF "Blizzard" in structure of interdepartmental tests of the fireman пеноподъемника PPP-32


  • Comparative tests ICFF "Blizzard-80 " (marine execution) in structure of a tow "Ahill". Of Tuapse, Tuapse marine trading port.


  • Participation in an exhibition "EUROFIRE".

  • Tests ICFF "Blizzard-20.40.60" in structure of Foam Rise PPP-32, at fire extinguishing RBS-5000, Ufa, Bashkortostan. Time of suppression of 30 seconds

  • The first world championship on fire-applied sports. Joint-Stock Company "NPO SOPOT" represents itself as the official sponsor of modular Russia on PPS. Moscow, stadium of the Dynamo.

On December, 23rd

  • The order of Minister of the Russian Federation on affairs of a civil defence, emergencies and liquidation of consequences of acts of nature to general director Kuprinu G. hands over a departmental breastplate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia "FOR MERITS".



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