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- Chronicle of events -




January - February


  • Creation of representation of Joint-Stock Company "NPO "SOPOT" in the USA (New York)

  • The conclusion of dealer agreements about

    Ltd. "Pozhspetsservis"(Belarus)

February Martas

  • It is developed ICFF Blizzard 90 and ICFF Blizzard 120

Martas April

  • Reception of the certificate of the Russian Agency on Patent and to Trade marks on useful model ICFF Blizzard

April - May

  • Participation with the report in conference of experts of a forestry, with demonstration ICFF Blizzard.

  • Participation in conference " the FIRE SECURITY TANK OF PARKS. (Ukraine, Kiev)

  • Participation in fire-tactical doctrines on liquidation of fires in high-altitude buildings. Doctrines were spent under direction of CRCL the Department of Internal AffairsSt.-Petersburg at presence of the vice-governor, (nowadays), representative Sankt-of Petersburg and Leningrad region in Federal assembly Mihajlovskogo

  • Large-scale natural tests on a binding are lead ICFF Blizzard to marine courts.

May June

  • Natural fire tests are lead ICFF Blizzard 20.40.60, ICFF Blizzard 120 (ship) on Kanonerskom a ship-repair factory.  

As a result of tests new data on range of supply of foam of low and average frequency rate are obtained.

  • ICFF Blizzard 120 mounted on marine under abnormal condition a saving tow "Shuya" has provided supply of foam on distance more 100.

  • Confirming the INTERNATIONAL BUREAU of the WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATION of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY about a recognition of a priority of the invention under the application of Joint-Stock Company " NPO SOPOT" is received on ICFF Blizzard

June July

  • Certification ICFF "Blizzard" by the RUSSIAN MARINE REGISTER of NAVIGATION.

  • Made ICFF Blizzard- 90 on the trailer natural tests also are lead

July August

  • Reception of the Patent for the invention, " the WAY of FORMATION of the JET of FOAM of AVERAGE FREQUENCY RATE the RAISED RANGE And the ARRANGEMENT FOR ITS REALIZATION ".

August - September

  • Developed and tested ICFF Blizzard 120 in structure of the caterpillar cross-country vehicle GAS34037

September October

  • Participation in the international conference CONSTRUCTION AND AND SECURITY TANK OF PARKS (Kazakhstan, of Alma-Ata )

  • The conclusion of dealer agreements with firm SZYBICKI (Poland) and FIRETEK (Estonia)

October November

  • Carrying out is devoured - tactical doctrines on coal harbour on application ICFF Blizzard, at suppression of fires in the tank park with tanks capacity up to 50 000 3. Tests were spent under direction of UGPS the Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg.

  • Participation in the international exhibition FIRE SECURITY (Poland, Poznan)

  • Participation of Joint-Stock Company " NPO SOPOT" in meeting of experts of fire protection of Estonia. With demonstration ICFF Blizzard 5, ICFF Blizzard 7, ICFF Blizzard 10, ICFF Blizzard 10.20.30.

November December

  • Joint-Stock Company " NPO SOPOT" takes part in equipment of the oil terminal in Primorsk installations: ICFF Blizzard 5, ICFF "Blizzard 10, ICFF Blizzard10.20.30, ICFF Blizzard 20.40.60

  • Opening of the oil terminal in Primorske. The PRESIDENT of RUSSIAN FEDERATION Putin takes part In opening.

  • The conclusion of dealer agreements with firm PNP  L.T.D(Greece).

  • The international publication of the invention on a way and an arrangement of installations of type Blizzard

  • Natural tests are lead ICFF Blizzard  120 in structure of fine-engine vehicle –40 in a Torzhok, at factory "POJTEHNIKA". The customer PASO 3 of Retchitsa on objects ON "Belarusneft"

  • Joint-Stock Company " NPO Sopot " takes part in the largest international forum"INTERPOLITEX-2001

  • Opening of electronic representation http://www.sopot.ru

  • Participation in the largest international forum of means of a safety of the state "INTERPOLITEX-2001"

  • The publication of materials on production of Joint-Stock Company "NPO SOPOT" in the catalogue " FIRE SECURITY-2002 "


Chronology of events 2002

January - February

  • Reception of a gold medal ' the QUALITY ASSURANCE And the SECURITY ' for installation of the combined suppression of fires ICFF "Blizzard" in a nomination the NATIONAL SECURITY2002.


February Martas

  • Have was tested by installations ICFF "Blizzard 120" on fine-engine vehicle -40 and ICFF "Blizzard 90 " on car GAZ-3302. ICFF "Blizzard 90 " has shown following results: range of supply of foam of average frequency rate has made more than 80 meters. Installation has been located on distance more than 35 meters from the tank and has provided supply of foam inside of the tank and for its limits. The height of supply of a jet has made more than 30 meters.

  • As tests ICFF "Blizzard-7 " Installation have been lead has provided supply of foam of average frequency rate on distance of 35 meters.


  • Have was tested ICFF "Blizzard" in structure of interdepartmental tests of the fireman PPP-32


  • Comparative tests ICFF "Blizzard-80 " (marine execution) in structure of a tow "Ahill". Of Tuapse, Tuapse marine trading port.


  • Participation in an exhibition "EUROFIRE".

  • Tests ICFF "Blizzard-20.40.60" in structure of Foam Rise PPP-32, at fire extinguishing RBS-5000, Ufa, Bashkortostan. Time of suppression of 30 seconds

  • The first world championship on fire-applied sports. Joint-Stock Company "NPO SOPOT" represents itself as the official sponsor of modular Russia on PPS. Moscow, stadium of the Dynamo.

On December, 23rd

  • The order of Minister of the Russian Federation on affairs of a civil defence, emergencies and liquidation of consequences of acts of nature to general director Kuprinu G. hands over a departmental breastplate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia "FOR MERITS".


Chronology of events 2003

1 Quarter

  • Participation in the project of maintenance of fire-prevention protection of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).


  • Participation in preparation and carrying out of large-scale tests within the limits of an exhibition " Means of Rescue - the Extreme 2003 ", the international Naval salon, the Championship of the Europe among firemen and rescuers, 2 the international exhibition " Means of Rescue, the Fire and Industrial security ".

On February, 27th

  • Carrying out of functional tests ICFF "Blizzard 20.40.60"- with remote control in structure of fire automatic stairs AL-309131) in a Retchitsa (Belarus) on tank park UPN NGDU " Rechitsaneft ".


On June, 16-19th

  • Participation in the international exhibition " Means of Rescue. An extreme 2003 ". During carrying out of an exhibition Blizzard 90 ", mounted on fireman SPK "Rocket-01" was shown ICFF "Seat of carrying out - the water area of gulf of Finland adjoining to expocentre " Lenexpo ". As Foam Forms it was used foamer LLC " Ivhimprom " PO6TST.
    Rather-demonstration tests ICFF "Blizzard 5 " with GPS-600 were spent also. Tests advantage ICFF "Blizzard" before regular fire extinguishing means. The main prize of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia is received!

On June, 27-29th

  • Participation as the sponsor in the championship of the Europe on a cup of firemen and rescuers.

On June, 25-27th

  • Participation in the international exhibition "Euro Fire".

On June, 27-29th

  • Participation in the International Naval Salon.


On July, 23-25rd

  • Participation in the international special-purpose exhibition " Means of rescue, a fire and industrial security ", spent in a Minsk, republic Belarus. During work of an exhibition fire-tactical doctrines on range of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of republic Belarus were spent.
    During doctrines new possibilities of suppression of large-scale fires by means of ICFF " Blizzard 90 " mounted on car " Gazelle " are shown, as well as Blizzard 5 "," Blizzard 7"," Blizzard 10 "and" Blizzard 10.20.30" were shown ICFF " at suppression of fires of mineral oil in casemated the tank, as well as in ground-based vertical tank RVS-3000.

On September, 16-19th

  • Comparative tests of means of suppression of fires in the city of Plock, (Poland) in territory of an oil refining factory "Orlen".
    During tests demonstration a way of suppression of the poured fuel by means of Foam Forms Schtamex, manufactures of Germany, Foam Forms " Easy water " firms 3M, the USA and means of reception air mechanics foams - monitors of firm TOTAL and ICFF "Blizzard", manufactures of Joint-Stock Company NPO "SOPOT", St.-Petersburg.

    In process demonstration experiences firing fuel on the area 2002, time of free burning - 1 minute was carried out.




2 Min

"Easy water"

1 Min

ICFF "Blizzard"

Conventional foamer

10 sec

On September, 30th - on October, 3rd

  • Participation in the Third international special-purpose exhibition " the Fire security of XXI century " types ICFF "Blizzard" (Stationary, mobile, on the trailer, on the car, on the fireman , on an armored troop-carrier, on a fire tanker) Are shown all.
    The gold medal of the participant of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre is received for development and introduction of new means of suppression of fires.

    On November, 11th


  • In territory of Joint-Stock Company " KazTransOil ", republic Kazakhstan, large-scale natural tests on fire extinguishing in by 20000 installation " Blizzard 90 " are lead.
    As a result of tests by the commission have been drawn conclusions:

    • ICFF "Blizzard 90" has a high production efficiency and supplies of foams of various dispersiveness and frequency rate and can be applied to suppression of large-scale fires on objects of an oil-and-gas complex.

    • ICFF "Blizzard 90" in comparison with use of firemen foams with GPS-2000 allows to receive a significant amount of foam in the shortest timeframes, to provide its supply from safe for participants of suppression of seat, to reduce number of participants of suppression, as well as to exclude use of mobile fire technics.
    • At carrying out of demonstration tests ICFF "Blizzard 90" has provided supply of foam on distance up to 80 meters at height of a jet up to 25 meters, i.e. the jet of the foam made ICFF "Blizzard 90" in 7-8 time exceeds length of a jet of the foam made GPS-2000. Made "Blizzard" foam has greater speed spreading


Chronology of events 2004


  • Formation of a new industrial platform of Joint-Stock Company NPO " ", creation of office and industrial base in Metallostroi (Road on Metallostroi, 5). Preparation for expansion of large-scale batch production ICFF "Blizzard".
    Carrying out of a complex of certified tests, development and realization of new installation for application on courts - ICFF "Blizzard 20.40.60" (Ship with remote control) together with a factory "Device", Kursk


  • Preparation for celebrating the 10 anniversary of formation of the enterprise


  • Joint-Stock Company NPO " SOPOT " rewarding a medal " the Gold Board of Economy of Russia "


The group economist - the chief accountant of the enterprise is awarded with a medal " Accounting glory of Russia "


On May, 26-28th

  • Unique large-scale demonstration test on fire extinguishing mineral oil on the area 1200 2 by means of ICFF "Blizzard 90 " is lead. In tests took part:

    • Associate director GU GPS the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia Nenashev Jury Petrovich

    • 1 associate director State Emergency GO across St.-Petersburg colonel Beljaev

    • Chief GU GO emergencies across Leningrad region Shaposhnikov Sergey Valentinovich

    • Heads of a factory - the manufacturer foam forms
      Open Society " Ivhimprom "

    • Heads Toimazinskogo of a factory of autoready-mix trucks

    • Heads of Joint-Stock Company " Perminskoe moulding "

    • Representatives of the CIS and neighboring countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Poland)

      Chronology of Events in 2009


      • Participation in the International Salon "Complex Security-2009". Demo: Rabotizirovannoy fire extinguishing installation (RUP) Performance (5-90 l/s).


    Chronology of Events in 2010

  • Participation in the International Salon "Neva"

  • Application installation "Blizzard" in putting out the fire at the plant JSC "SIBUR-Khimprom" Perm.

21-22 April
  • Participation in the third international forum Safety of transport complexes.

  • Participation in the International Salon "Complex Security 2010", Moscow, VVC.

  • Participation in the international forest summit "Interles-Lisino".

  • International Forum of Exhibition "The high technology of the 21st century."


  • Novorossiysk. Demonstration ICFF "Blizzard - 150" and mobile fire unit "Tusk - 200."

  • Participation in Scientific - Technical Council (STC).

  • Fast-developed a automatic fire extinguishing system (Baspa).

  • Field tests of high-speed automatic fire extinguishing systems (Baspa) on polegone Rzhevka (Sankt-Peterburg.)

  • Conducted field tests of the Navy polegone Rzhevka (Sankt-Peterburg.)

  • Conducted field tests of the Navy polegone Rzhevka (Sankt-Peterburg.)

  • III-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference "Fundamentals of ballistic design 2012".

  • Moscow. Participation in the "Integrated Security 2012." Among the new razrabotak ICFF "Blizzard - 300" (Performance - 300 l/s), APMKT with pump (capacity - 300 l/s), with VVSU ICFF "Blizzard 30/2."


196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45
e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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