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Mobile fire MODULE

- Appointment -

     Designed for collection and supply of water and mechanical foam to the fire. Can be used for pumping water, the spring floods, floods, accidents, and other natural disasters, as well as for work on lakalizatsii and extinguish fires on objects countryside, forests and rural land.


PPM "Tusk-200". Preparation for work.

Features include:

  •  The ability to transfer large amounts of water over long distances (more than 1 km);
  • Easy to operate and maintain;
  • Adjustable tow hitch allows any technique appropriate capacity, including fire trucks.

Trim :

1. Installation of combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard" 5 (2 pcs.)

2 . Installation combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard" 7 (2 pcs.)

3 . Ustanovka combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard" 30 (2 pcs.)

4 . Setting combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard" 150 (1 pc.)




PPM "Tisk-200". Transport position.



Technical characteristics

Pump capacity



1.2 MPa (12bar/sm ²)

Height of lift

1/7 m

Motor shaft


Fuel capacity

300 l.

Central pressure pipeline


Pressure port


Pressure port

77mm=6 pieces

suction head


Trailer type

trailer platform 87140S

Induction system

Vacuum Pump ABC-01E

Foam mixing system

Water jet ejector

Number of staff

1-2 people

Continuous operation time

at least 5 hours

Total mass

3800 kg

Overall dimensions




196641, Russia, St. Petersburg, Metallostroi town, Doroga na Metallostroi, No 5A Building
Tel./fax: 8 (812) 464-61-41, 464-61-45
e-mail: sopot@sopot.ru

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