High-Speed Automatic Fire-Fighting System (HSAFFS)


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High-Speed Automatic Fire-Fighting System


Scale-model HSAFFS "Blizzard" is designed for assessment of fire of natural tests high-speed automatic fire-fighting system of objects in the high-explosion hazard.

The main characteristics and composition HSAFFS "Blizzard"

Types of fire extinguishers - foam low
medium and high expansion, and water


3-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz


6 kW

The response time from the time of the fire before the extinguishing agent into the combustion zone

about 1 sec.

Stable reaction

system responds to the mass burning powder less than 0.1 kg

The fill rate of displacement

1 -20m³sek. (And more - on request)

The stock of extinguishing agent layout

for 10 minutes work

System consists of:

- Multiband Flame Detectors, (Meridian)

-Fire detector handheld;

- Instrument control panels and fire;

- Security and fire annunciators light and sound;

- Automatic control panels;

-Handheld remote control;

- Auto wall exhaust pipe system;

-Auto withdrawal system of drainage water;

- Quickly opened the valve shut-off valves;

- Container with frother;

-Container of water;

- Container of drainage water;

- Taps and fittings;

- Electric pump station;

- System detonation of pyrotechnic charges;

-Video surveillance and recording process for the of natural tests;


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