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     It so happened that in May 2004, in the life of the General Director of the St. Petersburg ZAO NPO "Sopot" ("Modern Fire Technology") Gennady Kuprin simultaneously intertwined four events - the 60th anniversary of the birth of 30 years of creative and scientific activities, 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and new home business. How fate for the scientist says our correspondent..

The main business of life

    Foam extinguishing there for decades. Low expansion foam can be delivered to almost the same distance as the water, but the pension benefits of high and medium expansion - to isolate the surface layer which prevents burning, - sufficiently not. In turn, the foam of high and medium expansion, has long brought only a short distance - a maximum of a few meters, which greatly complicates their use in fires.
That's why many experts went on the search for new foam. As it turned out, their production cost is not cheap, as opposed to those who were fit to produce foams of medium and high multiplicity. The difference in cost - dozens of times. A flow to isolate the hearth burning, - more, making fire fighting foam low expansion expensive.
    Gennady Kuprin, in contrast to other researchers, undertook the development of effective means of delivery to the combustion zone extinguishing foams - and that was the main thing in his life. Kuprin Gennady, Ph.D., associate professor. Graduated from a high fire-engineering technical school (now - Academy of Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia), has gone from teacher to department head of the Supreme Military Engineering School. Completed service as head of the expert group of the Fire and Rescue and local defense of the Armed Forces. Colonel. Author of over 80 scientific publications, including the first published in the country, "the Anglo-Russian fire-technical vocabulary," more than 50 inventions, winner of 20 Russian patents. By decision of the advisory council of the international forum "World experience and the Russian Economy" was awarded the Medal "Gold Shield of the economy."
    From 1974 to 1985 he conducted research extinguishing foam properties and their means of delivery, which resulted in the find new ways to deal with the post-accident fires aircraft on the ground. - We are on the decommissioned aircraft engineering to study the dynamics of a fire and experimented with a combination of all possible means of fire - says Gennady.
    The experiments revealed that the jet foam, served not the whole area of the grid, and in its center, gives medium expansion foam jet, capable of flying at a distance of 30 meters. A combination of foam generators and the average low ratio - increased the range of the extinguishing solution for distances up to 50 meters. It was a victory. A team of authors has been submitted to the State Prize. Firefighting aircraft units (UTPS) to date equipped airfield fire engine coming into service airports almost all airlines in Russia and the CIS.
    Settings allow you to use domestic foamers that is ten times cheaper than the American "light water", and perfect fluid dynamics developed foam generator helps to achieve the desired effect. The success of many of the major employers were innovative ideas and persistence in overcoming obstacles to their implementation. The first ingredient of success at Gennady Kuprin was. This is - a fundamentally new scientific approach to pennomu firefighters, worked out by years of research and experiments. Remained persistent..

From field tests - for baptism of fire

    Work on the study of the laws of dynamics of combustion, development and fire suppression, foam properties gidroaerodinamicheskih different: multiplicity scientist did not stop. At the time of retirement in 1994, managed to Kuprin crept close to the completely new concept of the structure of foam is its combination in a single stream.
    The invention, registered and patented, many stakeholders, however, HIOKP, development and testing of prototypes of the state had.
The prospect of new technology to keep in a desk drawer Kuprin, figuratively speaking, not smiling. Then it was decided to create an independent from anyone venture to produce a new type of foam generators. Soon a prototype, which has shown very good results. In practice, a fundamentally new device and reaches its effects are impressive.
    The first customer was the Ministry of Communications, decided to test fire the train and equip fire trucks South-Eastern Railway. - We have used every opportunity to show the benefits of our technology, says Mr. Kuprin. On firing tests Almetievsk we effectively won the competition with the Americans and the French, beating them in the fire extinguishing pilot for 20 seconds. But this is not all. It took us several times smaller than the solution, and used domestic foam. And they have - "light water". The economy we have won 50 times. After successful field tests "Blizzard" at least has been successfully tested in combat. Here are just two examples.
    In October 2002, in St. Petersburg at the pier burning oil tanker "Gaga." 4:00 was fighting a losing battle with the fire. Only after the application ICFF "Blizzard - 30" fire was extinguished. The Northern Capital avoid environmental catastrophe.
    In November of the same year on the 13th Line of Vasilievsky Island, and again in St. Petersburg caught fire power substation. The fire was given the 5th number. 4 burning transformer with their resulting 10 tons of oil at any moment could explode. Struggle waged 30 fire brigades. Foam attack with up to a dozen trunks GPS - 600 did not produce results. The fire spread to the adjacent residential buildings with wooden beams. Only after the application settings "Blizzard -10" and "Blizzard - 5" for a few minutes fire was extinguished. "Blizzard" began to learn and order. Many manufacturers of fire equipment have realized that the demand for their products would be higher if it is equipped with a highly effective means of fighting.
So the "Sopot" get in touch with "Uralazpozhtehnikoy" (Miass), "Pozhtechnika" (Torzhok), the plant fire engines from seed (Irkutsk region), Tuimazy producing penopodemniki, JSC "Pershino casting", Center of New Fire Technologies in Ufa , JSC "Ivhimprom."

"From Survival to-development"

    With these words begins the motto stamped on the gold medal "Quality assurance and security," which "Sopot" was awarded at the international competition "National Security." A motto goes: ".. on the success - to power." That quite accurately describes the situation with "Sopot". Today, the company produces more than 20 types of plant capacity from 5 to 300 liters of water per second. They allow you to apply extinguishing foam combination of high and medium expansion to the range of 20 to 120 meters. Various modifications of the placement and use of installations of the "Blizzard": in cars, trains, trailers platforms, stairs, marine and river vessels, helicopters.
    Installation work on almost all types of foam with maximum success, as well as sea water.
    Practice has shown that the "Blizzard" provides an effective firefighting where conventional stationary means fail. That's why ICFF "Blizzard" of various modifications are embracing the fire departments of Defense and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Department of Air Transport and the Ministry of Railways, the largest oil companies - "Lukoil", "Transneft", "Surgutneftegas", "Tatneft", "Yukos" and others.
    Russian patents protected plants "Blizzard" are becoming more common, both in Russia and in the CIS countries, steadily gaining market. Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Kazakhstan retooled their fire departments and cost-effective installations.
    Kind of recognition of the "Blizzard" was in some European countries. "Civilize" the businessmen have realized immediately what was happening and, using loopholes in the law of copyright, established pirate copies of production units under the name «Blizzard», already at world prices receiving dividends from another's intellectual property.
    And most importantly - there has been a major overhaul to the enterprise and its products from the budget, the public services. In St. Petersburg, was first earmarked budget funds for retrofitting fire departments of the city. Of course, any business move above all people, their energy, knowledge, and responsibility. Can be arbitrarily long and hard to talk about competent marketing strategies, the study of supply and demand, and many others, no doubt, important things. But in any case, all rests on the human factor. Gennady Kuprin believes that his success as a company is obliged to those who with it first started, and those who today picked up the baton employment. This Designer Sergei Ganichev Laura Zaitsev, Zinaida Hmurina Vadim Khisamutdinov, Production Igor Tikhomirov, workers Alexander Bushuev Vladimir Savitsky, administrative assistant Helen Zhulkova. Financial strategy of the company creates perfect chief economist, accountant Tatiana Zaitseva, who won the Medal «Best Accountant of Russia."
    In the "Sopot" is working and the whole family Kuprin. The eldest son - Alex - due from the Moscow State Law Academy third of higher education (the first - fire-technical, the second - Construction), is engaged in a legal provision. Another son - Sergey - Deputy, in his responsibility - the strategic issues of the enterprise. Institutional arrangements entrusted to his nephew - Dmitry Kuprin Counsel works his wife - Olga. Gennady Nikolayevich wife - Kuprina Anna - shares with her husband care by solving a series rganizatsionnyh and marketing problems in the workplace. Contrary to popular belief, Kuprin not consider such a situation detrimental to the cause. On the contrary, demands on the family members has a positive effect on other employees
        - Ten years have changed us - characterizes the decade "Sopot" Gennady Kuprin. Looking back, he realizes how much has been done.
The company is rapidly growing. Strong organizational team. Designers, engineers, workers are able to provide the required quality of products. Ongoing research and development activities. Modifying system settings "Blizzard" is constantly being improved and expanded. Being prepared for mass production combined foam extinguishing systems, and the transition to standards of quality control ISO.
    Open and representative offices in Estonia, Poland and the U.S., working on market-fighting equipment abroad. Perspective - the most encouraging. - Speaking of gifts that give to round dates - said Gennady - for me the success of "Sopot" and "Blizzard" - the most important.
    Among them Kuprin considers recognition of his invention, important and necessary to ensure the security of the state. It was expressed in the order № 151 of Ministry of Emergency Situations 29 March 2004 defining the procedure for the adoption of the supply units of the Ministry settings "Blizzard."


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