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      Winner of the National Industry Award "Bison-2006", the grand prize EMERCOM 2005. and 2006., nagrazhlen award "Golden Shield of the Russian economy," international diploma "European Quality", a member of the International Academy of Patronage, the World Academy of Integrated Security.



Vice President WASCS
Gennady Kuprin

Изображение    JSC NPO "Sopot" was founded in 1994. in St. Petersburg. Its creation was preceded by many years of research and development konstruktornaya work undertaken head of the firm in the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, as well as with representatives of several institutions of the defense industry (OKB Sukhoi TRANSMASH Research Institute, Academy im.Zhukovskogo, etc.) Ministry of Civil Aviation VNIIPO Russian Interior Ministry.
    The core of creative work from 1974 to 1985. was the development of effective ways to combat the post-accident fires aircraft on zemle.V result of the research was to find new ways of fighting fires, implemented in systems firefighting aircraft (UTPS). These settings to date equipped airfield fire engines coming into service airports almost all airlines in Russia and the CIS.
    The most productive period is provedeneniya works to create a fire truck with ballistic protection on the basis of the T-72. This development introduced more than a dozen inventions, the implementation of which has allowed for the first time to provide effective fire fighting on the most explosive objects (ammunition depots and bases, chemical weapons and highly toxic substances)
    Since its establishment, JSC NPO "Sopot", a new stage work to create on the basis of these developments and the invention of new technologies and tools to combat large-scale fires at industrial facilities in airports, sea, road and rail transport, in the petroleum, neftepereratyvayuschey industry in forests and forest industry facilities..

    A team of JSC NPO "Sopot" Systems are not currently available analogues in domestic and international practice. This set of combined firefighting ICFF "Blizzard."
     Settings allow you to apply extinguishing foam to a distance ten times more than the existing domestic and foreign funds. Feature of systems "Blizzard" is that they provide effective fire suppression where conventional fixed firemen means fail. Settings allow you to apply extinguishing foam to distance vdesyatki times the existing domestic and foreign funds. Изображение
     Feature of systems "Blizzard" is that they provide effective fire suppression where conventional fixed firemen means fail. Developed and serial production of more than 17 types of plants, "Blizzard" capacity from 5 to 300 l/s and a range of supply 20 do 120m.
    The main customers of JSC NPO "Sopot" is a unit of Fire Emergencies Ministry, providing fire protection companies for processing, storage and transportation of oil and oil products, Russian Railways, which in the framework of the State program of fire safety in railway transport, Provide a "Blizzard "Virtually all firemen train in Russia.
      Accumulated in recent years JSC NPO "Sopot" scientific and technical capacity will create installation ICFF "Blizzard", working in the armored car fire on the GAZ-59402, having the opportunity to go on the run from the movement of the cross-country to move to the train tracks that significantly expands the capabilities of the car in liquidation of extreme emergency situations on the railways and other dangerous objects.
    The modular setup, easy mantiruemye on fire trucks instead of fire monitors, including the special airfield vehicles.



  A significant step forward in the fight against fires was to develop "Blizzard" Standalone Fire Module container type (APMKT) with ICFF "Blizzard", which is currently already provides fire protection for a number of objects Minooborony Russia and construction of a multipurpose high-rise buildings (Krylatskie Hills, city Moscow).
   JSC NPO "Sopot" has a highly scientific, technical, engineering design and workers that orders pozvolyaetvypolnyat significant size and complexity. Produced by certified quality management system ISO 9001 for the design, development, production, testing, sales and service ICFF




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