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Installation of Combined Fire- fighting
ICFF "Blizzard 7"

 - Purpose -

     Combined fire extinguishing installations ICFF "Blizzard 7" are applied for generation and simultaneous or consecutive delivery of long range jets of fire extinguishing low and medium expantion foam, atomized and compact water jets for making glow heat protective screens, shields for degassing and decontamination.

ICFF “Blizzard-7” нandle foam generator


Capacity by water [l/min]


Capacity by medium expantion foam [l/min]


Medium expantion foam jet range [m]


Input pressure [MPa(kg/sm²)]


Foam expantion


Capacity of foamer concentrate [l/min]


Dimentions [mm]







Weight [kg]


ICFF “Blizzard-7” stationary foam generator

The range of the ICFF "Blizzard 7"


The card of spraying

of ICFF "Blizzard 7"

ICFF “Blizzard-7x2” stationary foam generator with remote control

    ICFF "Blizzard" are able to work using all types of foamers, also aqueous film-forming with the concentration 2-6%.
    The installations have collapsible and stationary versions with possibility of mounting on mobile vehicles (fire engines, trailers or gun mount towers (for the stationary versions).

Special features:

  • Increased medium expantion foam jet range;
  • Increased speed of foam spreading over combustion surface; 
  • Increased mobility and mechanisation of the process of foam delivery into a combustion zone.

Variants of ICFF "Blizzard- 7":

  • hand-driven fire-hose barrel
  • hand-driven fire-hose barrel with a covering device
  • stationary
  • stationary with remote control
  • shipboard

Dimensions and installation drawings

1 2
3 4

Drawing 1 – ICFF “Blizzard-7” нandle foam generator
Drawing 2 – ICFF “Blizzard-7” handle foam generator with blocking device
Drawing 3 – ICFF “Blizzard-7” with turning
Drawing 4 – ICFF “Blizzard-7” stationary foam generator

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