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Water-foam fire-fighting monitor installation
of combined fire-fighting "Blizzard-150"
(ICFF "Blizzard-150")

- Purpose -

     Is intended for receiving of combined jets of air and mechanical low and medium expansion foam, and sputtered water jets, and also for supplying them to the fire hearth. The installation can be used for fire-fighting of flammable and combustible liquids and solid fuels, as well as for creations of light and heat shields in the areas of accidents, catastrophes, natural disasters. Can be used both as stationary means of fire-fighting at the objects with a high degree of explosion hazard, and as a part of specially equipped vehicles, including floating devices.

ICFF "Blizzard-150"  stationary
with remote control

ICFF "Blizzard-150"  mobile
with remote control

Tactical and technical characteristics:

Capacity by foam [l/s]


Capacity by water [l/s]


Pumping distance  [m]


Input pressure [MPa (kg/sm 2 )]


Foam expansion


Расход пенообразователя,[л/с]


Angle of ascent / descent

+60 / -10 degrees

Angle of rotation

up to 210 degrees

The control system of fire monitor


Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height)[mm]


Weight [кг]


Special features:

  • Increased medium expantion foam jet range
  • Increased speed of foam spreading over combustion surface
  • Increased mobility and mechanisation of the process of foam delivery into a combustion zone   

Variants of ICFF "Blizzard-150":

  • mobile on a trailer
  • stationary
  • stationary with remote control
  • nozzle for the auto foamlift
  • shipboard

General view of ICFF “Blizzard-150”


ICFF “Blizzard-150” in operation

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